Only TTFields therapy harnesses the versatile power of electric fields to outsmart solid tumors and kill cancer cells1,2


TTFields targeting cancer cells while sparing healthy cells


With a poor survival outlook, physicians and patients need additional solid tumor treatment strategies that utilize innovative modalities.3-5

Discover the innovation of TTFields therapy

What is TTfields therapy?
TTFields have multiple mechanisms of action that work together
to kill cancer cells


TTFields therapy is clinically versatile, rooted in its multifaceted effect on cancer cells.6-8

Explore how its multiple mechanisms each work to disrupt tumor progression and kill cancer cells1,2

How does it work?
Investigations ongoing in clinical and preclinical trials

Treatment Possibilities

TTFields have been extensively researched, with preclinical data demonstrating enhanced effects when used with other cancer treatments.6, 9-14

See its many potential applications

See the possibilities

As a cutting-edge technology, TTFields are the subject of ongoing investigations in multiple tumor types.9-14

Learn how you can educate colleagues on TTFields therapy with our specially designed slide kit as well as educational videos.

As a cutting-edge technology, TTFields are the subject of ongoing investigations in multiple tumor types

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