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inovitro/inovitroTM live/inovivoTM systems1

The inovivoTM and inovitroTM live systems are preclinical laboratory research systems intended for the treatment of cancer cell lines using TTFields (not to be used on humans).

Novocure's inovitro system™ (study of the impact of TTFields on cells in petri dishes) and Novocure's inovivo system™ (study of the impact of TTFields on live animal tumor models

The inovitroTM system is designed for studying the effects of TTFields on cancer cells in vitro (via petri dishes).

The inovivoTM system is designed for studying the effects of TTFields in animal tumor models. This involves applying TTFields to subcutaneous and/or orthotopic tumors located in the thorax/abdomen of mice or other small rodents. The system can run in TTFields application mode or in heat mode, which is the control standard for TTFields in vivo experiments.

Investigators may apply for a grant from Novocure, Inc., using our letter-of-intent form, to receive the inovitro and/or inovivo systems for the duration of their project.


Information on ongoing investigations of TTFields in preclinical and clinical settings


Together with the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR), Novocure provides research grants to those wishing to study TTFields. This fellowship program represents a joint effort to promote and support postdoctoral and clinical research fellows to conduct innovative research focused on TTFields. The 2022 application window for grants is currently closed. Check back to this page for future application instructions. Learn more

Reference: 1. Novocure Data on File 2020.